The aim is to build a test area in a larger Lower Austrian city in order to present an original example of the planned multifunctional SSGM ideal offer to all interested decision-makers and opinion leaders and also to have a "feature" test station for further R&D and to develop an operator model. The multifunctional structure of the test area should include all relevant features of the SSGM and thus naturally also meet the requirements of a Smart City/Smart Region

Identifying problems and addressing future issues

These days in particular, we are experiencing the vital importance of efficiency, safety and climate protection in public space. The SSGM initiative aims to create a new awareness of these requirements and needs of the future society in the field of infrastructure and lighting in the public and professional circles. The aim is to identify barriers and problems for progressive municipalities and regions, but also to develop solutions for the Smart Country & Smart City, as well as for mobility, digitisation and energy efficiency.

Offering solutions and facilitating cooperation

Representatives of business, administration, politics, science, associations and the media are to be given the opportunity to bring in and discuss visions, innovations and concrete solutions to this topic. They should generate benefits for their area, but also for all involved industries and the public. The aim is also to create internal cooperation and to inform externally and transparently.

Moving people and developing assertiveness together

The initiative is to be communicated to opinion leaders and decision-makers in the country and to the public through open discussion, studies and the implementation of pioneering pilot projects. Ultimately, exemplary projects should lead to a broad implementation, so that all Austrians can participate in the advantages of smart, safe and environmentally friendly mobility. The aim is to give the participating economic partners opportunities for business development in Germany and abroad. 


  • Combining the megatrends SMART TECHNOLOGY, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION & MOBILITY into a complete range of competent suppliers
  • As a consortium and cooperation under the brand SSGM, be considerably more assertive than if individual companies were to take up the challenge.
  • Cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and groups of companies combines the potentials of different cultures and skills (entrepreneurs & managers)
  • Technological competitive advantages have already been achieved in some cases and can be substantially increased through joint R&D
  • The Commission's proposal is designed to respond better than others to the ever-faster pace of the transformation of municipalities and cities towards "Smart Cities and Smart Regions