These days in particular, we are experiencing the vital importance of efficiency, safety and climate pro tection in public space. The SSGM initiative aims to create a new awareness of these requirements and needs of the future society in the field of infrastructure


and lighting in the public and professional


circles. The aim is to identify barriers and problems


for progressive municipalities and regions, but also to


develop solutions for the Smart City & Smart Region,


as well as for mobility, digitalisation and energy





Benefits for the experts involved:

  • exchange of ideas and information - learning from each other
  • Network expansion - gain new accesses and contacts
  • Opportunities for performance - being able to take advantage of business opportunities and opportunities for participation
  • To be able to publish your own messages in the following



  • Individual lighting
  • Lighting management
  • Energy-efficient lighting (PV supply into the grid)
  • Energy self-sufficient lighting


Charging station

  • for E-Cars
  • for E-Bikes
  • for mobile phones


Traffic management

  • Traffic management and traffic control
  • Traffic density measurement
  • Parking management
  • Road signposts / signs
  • Traffic signal systems
  • Variable traffic signs



  • Video surveillance
  • SOS emergency button
  • Loudspeaker
  • Emergency lighting for ›Black-Out‹



  • WLAN
  • Info panel
  • Tourist information
  • Environmental and weather data collection
  • Passenger information display / bus stop


Added value

  • Seat
  • Work-out with ›energy recovery‹
  • Supply point for electricity / water
  • Town beautification (waste bins,...)
  • play point in parks
  • Advertising banners
  • Citylight for Advertising